Monday, June 10, 2013

These are the things...

Taking a cue from Mandy (This Girl's Life), I am sharing my own list of the things I enjoy (not necessarily in order):

1. Mixing 1 small McDonald's Peach Berry tea with one of their large unsweetened iced teas.
2. Sitting on my screen porch.
3. The perfect thrift score.
4. My job.
5. Listening to certain songs on repeat for days. (While driving.)
6. Instagram.
7. Being married to The. Best. Guy. EVER.
8. Duck Dynasty. Also, Roseanne. I can watch these over and over.
9. My boys...they're pretty amazing. 10. Reading. (Don't a lot of time for that, now...since starting school.)
I also enjoy school-related humour:

Math should just be left out of the equation...not the equation like in a math sense...just, like, you know EQUATION, right? So...cause I don't, like, BELIEVE in math..

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Prompt6ix #11

This is my first time participating in Daisy Yellow's Prompt6ix! Personal Prompt series. Each week Tammy posts a set of 6 words or phrases to use as creative inspiration(in my case, for art journaling). The list for this prompt was :
1. Junk mail
2. Sign
3. Beatles song
4. Purple
5. Zig zag pattern
6. Acrylic paint

This was a bit of a challenge for me...I have a love/hate relationship with the music of the Beatles. I am in the hate phase, currently. I'm fairly pleased with how my journal pages turned out and I am looking forward to the next prompt.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Focus - Art Journal Page

It feels great to be working in my art journal more. Today's page is "focused" on my One Little Word: Focus. I spent the better part of the day working on this page after coming up with the basic's always interesting to see how the page comes together. I started by dripping a couple different shades of yellow paint onto the page, then I used my brayer to blend and spread the paint. Then I took a piece of graph paper and cut out a circle, because I wanted my word (Focus) to show. Then I did the same technique with the brayer on the graph paper.  Originally, I planned for the graph paper to be a layered page that could be lifted or turned to reveal the all of the words I had considered along the way. In the end I just glued the graph paper to the page, and I wrote the words around the circles that I traced over with glitter (nailpolish!).  The Focus in the center of the circle is stamped onto masking tape painted black. I also made some DIY polkadot "washi tape. I wrote "One Little Word" on a scrap piece of vellum which is attached with this tape. The finishing touch was adding a quote about Focus from Alexander Graham Bell: "Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The Sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus."

 Last night I took this watch I found at a thrift shop and recreated it as a bracelet, incorporating my word. I started by taking off the back of the watch and removing the inner watch parts. Then I found a piece of paper for the background, and searched a few the books that I have cut up for various projects until I found the word I was looking for (Focus). I glued this onto the scrap paper that I had cut to fit into the watch back. Cute, but it was too plain, so I decided to add some loose rhinestones before I put the watch back into place. It needed something more, and adding the little key charm and ribbon was the perfect finishing touch. This was a super easy project and I'm pretty happy with the results, although I might change out the ribbon if I can find one I like better.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

One Little Word

I finally chose my one little word - Focus. I was working in my planning/writing journal and I had a list of words that resonated with me. But, how to decide which was just the right word? I started thinking about the words on my list...what they meant, how they related to each other, why they held meaning for, why Focus? I'm going to be taking an STNA class next month, and hopefully I will be able to get into the LPN program beginning in July. So, I'm focusing on the steps I need to take to achieve these goals. Focusing on what accomplishing these goals will mean in the long run. I'm focusing on the bigger picture, but I am also working to focus on taking each day as it comes. Secondly, I'm hoping to be getting a new camera tomorrow...I've missed having a camera on hand (something other than my inadequate iPhone!). So, focus also relates to photography...both technically and in regards to growing in my style and skill.

Why I Love My Husband:

16.) He handles the meat...I am completely grossed out by raw meat, so he opens the packages, puts the meat in the pan or crockpot or whatever.
17.) He's a cat person.
18.) He'll paint my toenails.
19.) He loves Reubens.
20.) He shovels the walk and clears off the car after it snows.
Why I Love My Husband

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mean Reds:

"The blues are because you're getting fat and maybe it's been raining too long, you're just sad that's all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of.” Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote

For me, this quote perfectly represents Anxiety. But right now my anxiety is not from being afraid of something that I can't define. Not today, anyway. No, today I am experiencing anxiety over work-related uncertainty of the future. I feel as though there is this giant...bull, let's say...sitting on my chest...I can't breathe without noticing the weight with each breath. I can't focus, especially if there is a lot of stimuli surrounding me. I'm on edge. All I want is to be certain. But, the bull is so large...I just can't see past him to what is ahead.

Why I Love My Husband, list continuation:

11.) Even though he has been gone at the hospital all day, he'll still stop at the store to get stuff for dinner, with me deciding on the phone what to buy.

12.) He drives me crazy on purpose, but I love him anyway. (Antagonising me in a playful way. It's okay if you don't get it, because I know what I mean. LOL)

13.) He is generally easy going, rolls with the punches, goes with the flow. Which I need.

14.) He humours me, occasionally, when I ask him to shake his bum.

15.) He pretty much doesn't mind that I've taken over his "Man Cave".

Why I Love My Husband

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why I Love My Husband

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was going to work on a list of reasons why I love my husband, inspired by Happy Wives Club. Here are my first ten reasons:

1.)He does the dishes the majority of the time.

2.)He understands things that I never will.

3.)He has the best smile.

4.)He also has the best laugh.

5.)He'll watch Project Runway or Teen Mom with me...LOL

6.)For Valentine's Day he hung up a second shower curtain rod, AND turned up the hot water heater temperature. LOVE.

7.)He's willing to try new foods, and he's not a picky eater.

8.)I love his broad chest and shoulders...great for snuggling.

9.)He's a good son.

10.)He is (mostly) willing to take the back roads, for me.

Why I Love My Husband

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How things go...

The weekend left me feeling entirely depleted. In actuality, it was the loss (...theft...) of my iPhone that did me in. I joke (tastelessly) that losing my phone was akin to having a lobotomy. Upon discovering my phone was gone, I suddenly felt unable to function. I had no way to call home. I lost all of my contacts. I lost all of my photos that hadn't recently been backed up to Dropbox. And all of my personal information...out there in the hands of someone unknown to me. The depths of my co-dependent relationship with that black rectangular hunk of technology were mined by panic, as I rushed to the nearby AT&T store. The very helpful salesclerk allowed me to get on one of their iPads and I was able to lock my phone through the Find iPhone app. Then he called AT&T customer support and reported my phone as stolen and they put my phone on the block list, which means whomever had it would be unable to get service for it. Then I used the Find iPhone app to delete all of my data on the phone. Fortunately, Mr. C was due for an upgrade, so I was able to get an iPhone 5 at a discounted price, but that was money I certainly hadn't planned to spend.

The plans I had for Monday did not manifest, but I did go with BJ to look at trucks and we had dinner at LaRosa's, and made a stop at WalMart before heading home to drop off stuff I picked up for the kids. Then I followed BJ to her house, where we drank some moscato and watch Burlesque. I can't believe I hadn't seen it before, and I really enjoyed it. We fell asleep around 12:30...we're such party animals.

Yesterday, I agreed to take the boys to the mall. If you think shopping with teen girls is a difficult and lengthy process, you don't want to shop with these guys. ;)  But I do have a lot of fun with them, and I am so proud of the men they are becoming. (Already!?!)

I just found the Happy Wives Clubvia their Facebook page. The author has a Why I Love My Husband list and she invites others to create their own. It sounds like a good idea to me, so I'm going to start my own.


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